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At WHITE SWISS WORLD, our mission is to share the collective knowledge of the White Swiss Shepherd breeders and enthusiasts, and to promote our breed's beauty, intelligence, and quality. We imagine a world where White Swiss Shepherds are recognized by all reputable kennel clubs for the amazing and unique breed that they are, and where the breed is known well enough that we no longer need explain that our dogs are not German Shepherds nor Siberian Huskies nor wolves or wolfdogs.

We recognize the lack of merchandise made specifically and intentionally for White Swiss Shepherds, so we have introduced our WSW Store for apparel and accessories designed by White Swiss Shepherd enthusiasts for White Swiss Shepherd enthusiasts. P.S., sales from the WSW Store help keep this website up for the breed community. 



WHITE SWISS WORLD is owned and operated by Skylar Copeland, a White Swiss Shepherd breeder, owner, trainer, enthusiast. Skylar's interest in White Swiss Shepherds began after she got her white coated German Shepherd, Athena, in 2013. Skylar and Athena had a quite successful career in agility competitions before Athena needed to retire due to arthritic changes from breaking her leg in an accident. With Athena's career ending, Skylar brought home her first White Swiss Shepherd, Furrari, in 2018. Skylar and Furrari have been extremely successful in conformation and a variety of dog sports, and Furrari became the foundation of Skylar's kennel, Fireside Fernweh. Along the way, Skylar noted a lack of accurate resources about the White Swiss Shepherd breed, and decided to create WHITE SWISS WORLD in 2021, starting as a magazine publication. The magazine publication format was not ideal given the cost to run small prints and the challenge of creating a large amount of interesting and new content for each issue, thus WHITE SWISS WORLD took on this new blog website format to share everything we loved about the magazine, but in a way that is more in line with modern times.


Our Store

WHITE SWISS WORLD's online store offers an array of premium apparel and merchandise featuring White Swiss Shepherds. No more pretending a German Shepherd silhouette is a White Swiss Shepherd! Our designs are made my White Swiss Shepherd lovers such as yourself. PS, our store helps us keep our website up and running so that we can provide breed relevant content to White Swiss Shepherd breeders, owners, and enthusiasts. Shop today to show your support!


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