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Isaac headshot.jpg

Royal Sir Isaac's IQ

Sire HOF Inductee #1


WHITE SWISS WORLD is pleased to announce our all new HALL OF FAME program to recognize exceptional White Swiss Shepherd breeders, sires, and dams.

The goal of the Hall of Fame program is to motivate and award those who have gone above and beyond to prove this magnificent breed through it's progeny. Hall of Fame inductees have demonstrated their commitment to the White Swiss Shepherd breed's further development and improvement.

Given the sometimes negative common understanding of the breed, we feel it is of utmost importance to get our dogs out there for the world to see how lovely this breed truly is. As part of our goal to promote the breed, we hope breeders will take on the challenge to pass all the requirements to be inducted into the WHITE SWISS WORLD Hall of Fame. 

Please click below to view the Hall of Fame Handbook to learn more about what it takes to be inducted.

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