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Starfyre | USA

State your name, kennel name, and location. SHARYL SADOWSKI Starfyre White Swiss Shepherds. Orland Park, IL

How did you come to be involved in White Swiss Shepherd breed? Our 1st white was a Rescue from ECHO White Shepherd Rescue. Scooby could open every door in our house and was just an amazing dog. When he died, our sheltie was grieving really bad so I contacted Jean Reeves about a White Shepherd. She gave me Blitz, a show puppy and the rest is history.

What is your favorite thing about White Swiss Shepherds? Their versatility! They truly can do anything asked of them!

Aside from the dogs you own, who are some of your favorite representatives of the breed? Penny owned by Jean Reeves, Matryoshka owned by Taylor Gracie, Aspen and Furrari.

What type of food do your dogs eat, and how do you keep them in shape? My dogs eat Fromm Heartland Gold mixed with Beef Frittata or Rancherosa by Fromm. They get organic whole milk yogurt, organic raw eggs, berries, green beans and kale added to their food several times a week. Keep them in shape by long walks, playing in the backyard, swimming and biking.

What activities do you participate in with your dogs? Participate in Conformation, Trick Dog, Dock Jumping, Precision Coursing and Therapy Work.

What grooming tools do you think are must-haves for White Swiss Shepherd owners? Chris Christensen Big G slicker brush, Kenshi Slicker and pin brush, Safari shedding comb, Dremel with Diamond tip, small thinning shears, and small straight scissors.

What advice would you give up and coming breeders? Decide what your priority is in your breeding program before choosing a mate. Socialize puppies and use early developmental stimulation. Be prepared for loss, and medical emergencies (they can cost the entire litter)

Who in the White Swiss Shepherd community do you look up to and why? I look up to Jean Reeves. She is so welcoming to new owners and always willing to lend an ear. She knows the history of the breed. Also, Melanie Fuellgraf because of her knowledge about trying to get breed separation and the work she does with IPO.

What are your main goals for your kennel for the remainder of 2021? Goals: Rosé grand champion, Lily champion, more precision coursing and Dock jumping titles, continue working on Rosé training as service dog.

What does your ideal prospective puppy buyer look like? Ideal puppy buyer is someone who has done their homework on the breed and understands their need for exercise and mental training. They should have adequate time and be prepared for the shedding. Willing to train their puppy and reach out to Breeder with any issues. Wanting to do conformation or performance is a bonus!

Describe the future you would like to see for the White Swiss Shepherd breed in 10 years. I would like to see us freely importing and exporting with breeders around the world to ensure the health and longevity of the breed through diversity and enlarging the gene pool. I personally could care less if we ever gain AKC breed recognition.

What sets your kennel apart from others in the breed? I think the number of dogs from my kennel that are actively doing Service work. My foundation girl, Holly is a Seizure Alert and Balance Assist Service dog who recently began detecting arrhythmia as well. She currently has 2 dogs who are Diabetic Alert dogs, a Balance Assist dog, 2 Anxiety alert dogs and one who alerts to Sleep Apnea.

What hobbies do you enjoy outside of the dog world?

Other hobbies include Arts and Crafts, reading, bike riding, swimming and scuba diving as well as showing old cars.

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