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"A powerful, well-muscled, mediumsized, White Shepherd dog with erect ears, double coat which is either of medium length or long; elongated shape; medium sized bone and elegant, harmonious outline."

- FCI White Swiss Shepherd Breed Standard No. 347


The White Swiss Shepherd breed is highly versatile and still has much variation in different lines. White Swiss Shepherds are, as their name implies, white in color, though some may have some biscuit/cream color in their coat. Their nose, eye rims, lips, and paw pads should be as black as possible, and ideally the nails too. Their eyes should also be a very dark brown. The contrast between the coat color and pigmentation gives this breed a very striking appearance. In temperament, the breed should be friendly and open, but not overly so. Some lines err on the side of very friendly while others may be more aloof of strangers. The standard describes the breed as being an intelligent and versatile dog, capable of all-around training.

In general, the breed is easier to own than it's German Shepherd cousin due to it's slightly calmer and less aggressive temperament, however, some lines are still capable of titling in protection sports such as IGP. The breed is an excellent choice for those looking for an all around moderate dog that can be simultaneously a companion and a sport prospect. They are also great active companions given good breeding, proper socialization, and fair and consistent training. The breed is highly trainable and thrives on learning new behaviors in a positive way. They are also quite playful and usually love personal play (no toys), toy play (fetch, tug, find the toy), and food play (toss the treat, find the treats, food puzzles). 

As a double coated breed, both long and medium coated White Swiss Shepherds are heavy seasonal shedders. Long coated dogs may require additional brushing to prevent matting, but both coat types will require grooming. 

Of course, each dog is an individual and may vary from the next, but this applies as a general snapshot of the breed.

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